Whether we work on the road or in the office,  Intercounty Paving is committed to the safety of all employees. The company believes that all employees are important to the overall safety of the company. It is up to both the management and the workers to make Intercounty the safest in can be.

We follow all applicable OSHA standards, as well as our own comprehensive safety methods and procedures we adopted over our many years of experience. We are constantly revising our safety procedures to adopt state of the art innovations to ensure the continued safety over everyone involved. To be effective, Intercounty enforces these policies to ensure safety, quality and productivity go hand in hand. Whether you work in the office, out on the road or driving by, we are committed to everyone’s safety.

Intercounty maintains a formal safety plan that is a comprehensive roadmap of all our safety procedures. It is a easy to follow manual to show who to call or what to do in any emergency situation. We train our people in current OSHA standards  to ensure our people are aware of what they need to do to make our workplace the safest.