Intercounty Paving was founded in 1997 by Carl & John Lizza, third generation members of the Lizza Family whose companies have been building roads throughout the tri state area for over 60 years. With locations in Hackettstown, NJ and Westbury, NY, the company started out as a small paving company serving commercial builders and local townships in New Jersey and New York.

Since its inception the company has grown from a small paving company to a large full service construction company. While paving is still a large part of the company’s business, it is by no means our only business.

Early on the company realized the importance of having a milling division. The company purchased it’s first machine in 1998. Now it boasts one of the largest milling operations in the tri state area with twelve milling machines and crews. The Company is capable of any type of project.

It is one of the few companies in the New York, New Jersey area to have a Road Reclamation division. Realizing the financial constraints put on local municipalities and having a viable alternative, the company started marketing the full depth reclamation process.  Today, the company provides all types of Full Depth Reclamation to many public and private projects.

The company has the skill to do most forms of concrete work, drainage work, excavation work, and virtually any other forms of road construction. This versatility allows us to stay competitive.

The company’s goal has been to provide quality service to our customers at competitive prices and to create an atmosphere in which the company and its customers can both be successful. Without this attitude, we would not be in the position we are in.

Currently we employ over 300 people annually. With offices in Hackettstown, NJ and Westbury, NY we are currently fashioning some of our largest projects to date. Our customers include the New York State DOT, New York State Thruway Authority, New Jersey DOT, PENN DOT, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Port Authority of NY/NJ, Federal Highway Administration. Since the beginning the company has grown from a small paving company to a large full service construction company expanding to two locations in NJ and NY. Still led by Managing Member Carl Lizza, John Lizza and John Perrucci Jr.

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